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"It’s not clean until it’s steamed."

In 2011, DMJ Services was the first cleaning company to bring a better, newer cleaning technology to Greater Rochester area homes, offices and vehicles. Our vapor and steam cleaning process will:

  • Restore your property’s visual appeal
  • Stay clean, longer, while reducing dust collection
  • Extend the life of flooring, upholstery and hard surfaces
  • Remove bacteria, allergens, odors and stains
  • Dry rapidly in your home and commercial space

This cleaning technology can be applied in vehicles, on all types of flooring surfaces, in tile/grout lines, on upholstery and on hard surfaces, including walls. Plus, it won’t leave a chemical residue! Our cleaning process is environmentally sensitive. We use our own water supply and power, with an environmentally friendly and EPA-approved generator.

Frequently scheduled customers include residential, vehicle owners and requests for janitorial services in day care centers, offices, dance studios, fitness centers, auto dealers, restaurants and schools.

Also, we are proud to involve female ownership.

Questions to Ask a Cleaning Company:

What type of process do you use to clean?
Vapor & Steam.
What is the temperature range of your process?
Up to 400 degrees.
What is the environmental impact from your cleaning process?
What situations call for a wet steam process?
Deep Cleaning.
How do you control for fast drying time?
Use a drill brush and extractor on carpets.
When do you use a dry steam process?
Worn materials and basic janitorial.
How do you clean upholstery?
Wet steam cleaning is recommended to get into material layers.
How do you clean leather?
Vapor or steam.
Do you ever use chemicals?
Per request, biodegradable; most effective with high temperatures.
Will we see a visible difference?
How do you control for odors?
Vapor & steam remove 99% of viruses, bacteria, germs, & allergens.
How can we stop the spread of allergens?
First do a routine clean, then use vapor or steam.
Do you own multiple pieces of equipment and clothing to dedicate to specific environments?
Do you give process demonstrations?
Will we have the opportunity to meet the cleaning personnel?
Are you insured?
We supply an insurance certificate upon request.

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