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Commercial customers utilize all of our service offerings: mobile detailing; carpet cleaning; floor cleaning; tile and grout cleaning; upholstery cleaning; hard surface cleaning. We are an insured janitorial service, providing the new and expanded vapor cleaning technology, along with a steam cleaning option.

Our cleaning process positively affects business financials. First, the quick drying vapor cleaning allows work flow to resume faster. The removal of bacteria through the vapor steam-cleaning process (using high heat) will reduce employee sick time, while the lack of chemical residue will keep the environment safe. If you prefer the use of chemicals, we will use biodegradable products, which are most effective with the high temperatures of vapor and steam.

We accommodate customers’ unique cleaning needs:

  • Day care centers are concerned about allergens, so we perform routine cleaning before vapor and steam are used, to suppress particles from getting into the air. They also like us to use bleach in bathrooms.
  • Automotive dealerships want a quick cleaning process and like leather vehicle seats to be cleaned with vapor. They find that their vehicles stay cleaner longer and only require wipe downs during the following three weeks after our cleaning.
  • Dance studios want their hardwood floors to shine. Vapor holds the shine longer and keeps the dust down.
  • Fitness centers need their facilities to be disinfected with as little product as possible, using biodegradable solutions, which vapor and steam will do. With round-the-clock work out schedules, they like the fast and efficient benefits of our cleaning technology.
  • Restaurants must be careful with customer allergies and they want to remove odors. Vapor, steam and bleach can team together to clean all restaurant surfaces.

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