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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Throughout the United States, exhaust hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by city fire inspectors. Based on the type and volume of cooking, restaurants and organizations with kitchens must clean their exhaust hoods per a mandated schedule to prevent fires. At DMJ Services, we offer a certified 10-point system for any hood cleaning. Plus, we will pick up your filters weekly at closing time and return them cleaned before opening the next day. We are insured and trained according to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Code 96 standards, which means that when you use us, you will be covered by your insurance carrier in the event of a fire.


“Microscopic” is a differentiating feature of our cooking oil-filtration service. Our hardware is unique within Upstate New York and is the only machine used in the U.S., capable of performing our cleaning process. The microscopic cooking oil-filtration process involves cost efficiencies too, by doubling the lifespan of the cooking oil and speeding-up cleaning time while reducing labor costs by cleaning the oil and fryer at the same time. Also, downtime is limited because the cleaning process keeps the fryer at 350 degrees. And the best part- the food tastes better and presents no after taste because of the removal of more food particles than traditional cleaning methods, including processes which mix old and new oil.

Count on DMJ Services to:

  • Provide you with a free estimate, as well as before and after pictures.
  • Offer a cleaning schedule that meets your specific needs, ranging from weekly, to monthly or annually.
  • Clean your entire exhaust system, including the hood, filter, fans and duct.
  • Change the grease pad on your fan so grease doesn’t drip on your roof, preventing roof damage.
  • Reduce costs- cooking oil, labor, and down time, while increasing profit.
  • Lessen the threat of fire by removing more airborne fat oil and gas.
  • Yield better tasting food.
  • Clean and mop your kitchen so it looks even better than before we came!
  • Present insurance claims to position for best results, showing precautions taken.

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