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Floor Cleaning Services

Whether in a home, automobile, office, day care, fitness center, restaurant, dance studio, school setting or other commercial property, floors are high-traffic areas. And, the daily wear and tear can take a toll on them. You can depend on DMJ Services to keep your hardwoods, tile and grout, carpeting or any type of flooring in tip-top condition! Our innovative vapor and steam cleaning process is completely safe and can be chemical free if you prefer – making it ideal for every space, ranging from a facility under health code regulations to a home’s laundry room. Even hardwoods can shine longer with our vapor cleaning process.

Count on DMJ Services to:

  • Reduce or remove the need for chemicals.
  • Beautify any environment by removing unsightly stains, including salt stains.
  • Increase the durability and life of your hardwoods, tile and grout, carpeting and other flooring.
  • Sanitize floors (removes 99% of viruses, bacteria, germs, allergens).
  • Remove offensive odors.
  • Reduce dust collection.
  • Decrease carpet drying time with a drill brush and extractor.
  • Reduce cleaning time.

OMG!! I am so pleased with the quality of the services that we received today. Their team was professional, friendly and efficient! I will DEFINITELY be telling others. Our floors are SOO clean!


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